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Vessel Strikes

Vessel strikes are also known to affect various species of marine mammals around the world, including the Humpback, Fin, and Minke Whales that we study. We respond to reports of vessel strikes, assesses and documents any whales that are struck by boats, and monitors the health of these individuals over time.

A strong focus of our work is to raise awareness of how to reduce the risk of collision between whales and vessels for the sake of both whale and boater safety. Please see our "See a Blow? Go Slow!” page for key points on how to reduce risk.
Please call 1-800-465-4336 if there is a collision and/ or disturbance. It is essential that these incidents are reported to better understand whale survival and how risk may be further reduced by knowing where, when and how often these incidents occur.

"Slash" (BCY0177) is an adult female MERS has known since 2001. She still bears the scars from the boat propeller that struck her in 2006.

And "KC" (BCY0291), known to us since he was a first-year calf in 2002, was struck by a boat in 2013.

Minke Whale "Ripple" with scars on her flank from a vessel strike.

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