mers marine education research society supportors on fundraising trip

MERS Supporters on Fundraising Trip ©Caitlin Birdsall


Join us to support marine conservation

Become a MERS Donor

Your contribution and participation in our fundraising events fuels our work to better understand and protect marine life in BC. This support enables our rigorous scientific research, extensive education and outreach, and involvement in marine wildlife rescue and response.

mers marine education research society whale partially out of water dorsal fin showing

Pacific White-sided Dolphin ©Christie McMillan, MERS

The MERS Online Auction

Our annual online auction features sustainable goods with a marine conservation connection. The auction is not only a very important fundraiser for our operating costs, it also promotes businesses and artists dedicated to sustainability.

Our 2024 auction will happen May 2-5. See the goods and place your bids here.

See events below  to learn more.

If you are interested in contributing to our auction, please contact us via the Contact button below. Note that, in addition to auction items reflecting a marine connection and strong sustainability ethic (e.g. made from sustainable materials and locally sourced), we ask that the minimal retail value is $50. We are very appreciative of all our auction sponsors!

Upcoming Events

  • MERS Fundraising Trips 2024

    Fall 2024

    Location TBD

    Learn more

    Join MERS for a day on the water! MERS team members will share details about our decades of research on Humpback Whales. We are very grateful for these opportunities to connect directly with supporters while identifying the whales and interpreting their behaviour. Please note, this will not be a regular whale watching trip; We will view and share information about other species, but our primary focus will be Humpback Whales.

    Learn more

Get involved with MERS

We expand our reach through building community. Join us! There are many ways you can get involved. Participate in events. Help educate. Become a donor. Contribute data. Use the Whale Warning Flag and model best boating practices around the whales. Sponsor a Humpback Whale. Purchase sustainable goods from the Ocean Store.

Join us to help the whales, and the ocean they depend on.

mers marine education research society marine mammal naturalist course participants happy infront of maritime heritage centre

Marine Mammal Naturalist Course participants