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Educating for conservation

Through engaging, science-based presentations and courses we build community, and enable others to educate and create positive change. We aim to increase understanding of the importance of BC’s marine environment and biodiversity; how marine mammals are indicators of environmental health and human values; and how to reduce threats to their wellbeing.

See below for upcoming and recorded presentations and webinars.
Our Marine Mammal Naturalist Course instructors have years of experience in marine mammal research and education. Our courses are provided so that others can better inform and inspire marine conservation through an in-depth understanding of marine mammals on BC’s coast. Register for a course or sign up for course alerts below.

See a Blow? Go Slow!

Whale-safe Boater Course

We are currently developing an online Whale-safe Boating Course for recreational boaters who paddle, sail or motor off the coast of British Columbia. This course is supported by Transport Canada's Boater Safety Contribution Program. Please sign up now for course alerts to help increase safe and legal vessel operation around marine mammals.

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see a blow go slow

Upcoming Events

  • Marine Mammal Naturalist Course


    Cost: $650

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    2025 Courses - to be announced in Winter 2024
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    The aim of the course is to enable others to inform and inspire marine mammal conservation. This is intensive, crash training for those working as whale watch naturalists, kayak guides, park staff, or others interested in helping with marine conservation through gaining a deeper knowledge...

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Ways to attend our presentations

  • Join a scheduled presentation or webinar. Stay alerted by following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter or joining our presentation alert list.
  • Access one of our recorded webinars. See presentation descriptions and links below for available recorded webinars.
  • Request a presentation or webinar. Please do so by filling in the request form.
mers marine education research society workshop with people from Pauquachin Nation

Workshop with the Pauquachin Nation

Recorded Webinars

  • Marvellous Mola! – Ocean Day Webinar

    Recording of our June 7, 2024 Mola presentation with world expert Dr. Marianne Nyegaard. Marvel at Mola with a focus on the 2 species of Mola off the coast of BC. Suitable for ALL ages.

  • Ocean Voices

    Webinar for the Blue Marine Foundation about our education campaign. Science and art speaking for the importance of reducing ocean noise.

  • Humpback Whale Diet Composition

    Learn about the research on Humpback Whale diet composition in the northern Strait of Georgia by our Research Associate, Joan Moreaux, at the 2023 UBC Marine Mammal Symposium.

  • Assessing Boater Knowledge

    Learn about our work on assessing boater knowledge of marine mammals to improve education and outreach - presented by Caitlin Birdsall, MERS Director of Development, at the 2023 UBC Marine Mammal Symposium.

  • Are we too close for comfort?

    Learn about the research on motorized vessel behaviour and compliance to Marine Mammal Regulations on NE Vancouver Island by our Research Associate, Ali Gladwell, at the 2023 UBC Marine Mammal Symposium.

  • Canadian Pacific Humpback Collaboration

    Learn more about the Canadian Pacific Humpback Collaboration (CPHC) - presented by Nicole Doe, MERS Director of Operations and CPHC Coordinator, at the 2023 UBC Marine Mammal Symposium.

  • Basking Shark

    All about endangered Basking Sharks and how they belong off the coast of BC, featuring shark scientist and friend, Romney McPhie.

  • Nudibranches & Other Sensational Sea Slugs

    The Marine Detective, Jackie Hildering, shares her photos and conservation messaging about British Columbian sea slug species. Aimed for all ages.

  • Boaters and Marine Mammals – Safety and Stewardship

    Increase your knowledge as a watercraft user on Marine Mammal Regulations and best practices of vessel operation around marine mammals.

  • The Return of Giants

    Learn about our Humpback research, boater and whale safety, and the importance of citizen science to whale research and conservation.

  • Ethical Advertising & Social Sharing

    A workshop on ethical advertising and social sharing practices, in partnership with the NIMMSA and Tourism Vancouver Island.

  • Ocean Voices: Important of Sound of Cetaceans

    Learn from experts about the importance of sound to marine mammals and how to reduce human-made noise pollution.

  • All Together Now – MERS Collaborations

    Who are the whales? What do they eat? How to reduce noise, entanglement and collision? Learn more from MERS Research Associates and Collaborators.

Support MERS

We expand our reach through building community. Join us! There are many ways you can get involved. Participate in events. Help educate. Become a donor. Contribute data. Use the Whale Warning Flag and model best boating practices around marine mammals. Sponsor a Humpback Whale. Purchase sustainable goods from the Ocean Store. 

Join us to help the whales, and the ocean they depend on.

mers marine education research society whale guardian bcz0408 lunge feeding seagulls above

Guardian (BCZ0408) lunge-feeding ©MERS, MML-42