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Help Create an Ocean of Good

Did you know that per capita, Canadians use more plastic than almost any other country in the world? This leads to plastic pollution, which is a problem in even the furthest reaches of the ocean. The reality is, plastic is a problem at every size and causes impacts for very long periods of time.

Why are plastics a problem?

  • Plastics do not biodegrade into nutrients - rather, they slowly break down into smaller and smaller pieces, releasing chemicals that are harmful to life in the ocean and on land.
  • Microplastics attract toxins, which enter and build up in the food web.
  • Plastics can repeatedly entangle animals and cause reduced ability to move properly, problems in their airways and digestive tracts, and death.
  • Drifting plastics can spread disease and transport invasive organisms that damage our local ecosystems.
  • The production, transportation, and disposal of plastics produce emissions that contribute to climate change.

Thankfully, there are many choices we can make to reduce plastic pollution in our everyday lives - choices that are necessary for positive change. Together, let’s create an ocean of good.

What can I do to help?

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