For media inquiries:

Jackie Hildering,
Humpback Researcher and MERS Communications and Education Director 

Media releases:

April 2024: BC Humpbacks Bring Hope to Planet Earth – Do Canadians know why?
Release of Planet Earth III episode featuring British Columbia’s Humpback Whales.

March 2024: North Pacific humpback whale population decline indicates impact of warming waters – researchers concerned

December 2022: Highest number of Humpback Whales recorded to date in the Salish Sea
Increased awareness and caution needed – even in winter.
Media release done in partnership with Humpback Whales of the Salish Sea.

December 2022: Moon the Humpback Whale – tenacity and tragedy
She travelled from British Columbia to Hawaii with severe spinal injury from vessel strike, but will not make it back.
Media release done in partnership with the North Coast Cetacean Society.

November 2022: Protection should not be reduced for Fin Whales in BC waters
Threats increasing, species particularly vulnerable to collision with large vessels.