Marvellous Mola! - FREE Ocean Day Webinar


Join us on June 7th, 2024 for a FREE Ocean Day webinar about Mola (also known as Sunfish). 

We are so lucky that Dr. Marianne Nyegaard herself will provide this webinar. No one knows more about the TWO species of Mola off the coast of British Columbia than she does. It’s her work that led to a new species being recognized AND that it’s known that this species (Mola tecta) is off our coast. She is one of the scientists we have been working with to learn more about Mola through citizen science. 

Learn about these species that reveal so much about astounding adaptations and how much there is to learn about the Ocean. 

To the non-teacher adults reading here, YES you too can join too! The content will be appropriate for all ages but the educational approach will be aimed at elementary school students and they will be the priority for discussion and answering questions. 

The webinar will be ~30 minutes followed by ~15 minutes for questions.

From Dr. Marianne Nyegaard: “The strange-looking ocean sunfish Mola mola is an iconic member of the West Coast marine megafauna. But did you know a second sunfish species occurs here, too? Mola tecta, the hoodwinker sunfish, was only discovered in 2017 and initially thought to be a southern hemisphere species. However, with the help of citizen science it has now been documented from California to Alaska.” 

Make sure to register!

Marvellous Mola - FREE Ocean Day Webinar